what was lost?
admire my sciatica
I might code for food
since iPhoNetics is wildly profitable
His Holiness the DLama (can't get theah from heah)
Richard Dawkins
the photographic evidence
study Mandarin with me!
not that I've given up on Thai, just Thailand
other links
What's new on me tube?
And/or in me mp3s?
I dabble on blogster a bit. Cush interface, irritating policies. Maybe someday I'll confine my religio-philosophical ramblings to that venue. Irritating And irritated :* Gotsa load on myspace too. Follow them links me droogies!
I'm in Tianjin, China ATM. here's a tool to generate the dialing code. My number's 15122535540. Bon chance!

BTW, the personal blog is re-re birthed.

When Toq and Suday said I could study in NYC they weren't kidding. Looking for enlightenment? You will not necessarily find it here.

And then there's youtube
and famecast
Or go home?