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I think images are worth repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating.
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Ayuh, so the Made on Mac site's gettin a bit stale. Not that I promise to do any better on this one, but at least I can attempt via SSH. Yeah, no 'net at home no mo'. Might say no Matt at home no mo'. Hunh?
[ Yellow Dog ]
Get a Mac. Get Yellow Dog. Be happy!

This is no longer a 6500.
RISC performance at a dumpster price!

Love me hate my site? Well let's see if I can get a little more organizized... ever view the source Luke?
~When yer lyin in the gutter there's always the sewer below~...
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This counter has biffed it approximately 20 times because we weren't paying attention and the disk filled up or for other very peculiar reasons I'd tell you about if you cared.
This page has been accessed approximately times since the last time I bothered to fix the damn counter.
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We switched the shockingly lovely 'Throw It Away' by The Jaded Dogs with Michael Henderson to Matt's home page so more could enjoy.

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